My Bag was Lost, and is Found

WOW! awesome! praise the Lord! within minutes of blogging the last post, i received a call from Baggage Services informing me that my big bag had arrived at Tampa (TPA). grateful to hear the great news, i inquired where it ended up. she told me that “well… it didn’t end up anywhere.” apparently my big bag was not loaded at San Jose (SJC) with my small bag and took the next flight to TPA. i feel a little sad that my two bags had to travel by their lonesome to TPA but i guess that is what reunions are for. there’s going to be a party all up in my room tonight!

okay… i think i’ve gone a little over to the weird but hey… i’m excited that my big bag is found. i’m wondering if i should peer out my window for the delivery and run towards it as it is coming. hehehe.

hmmm… i think there’s something in the good Book about lost items being found. Luke 15 has a series about it.

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