That’s Incredible

so i’ve had the HTC Incredible from Verizon Wireless for about three weeks now and i have to say it is a pretty sweet piece of phone tech to hold in my hands.

here are some highlights of why i like it so far…

1) Form Factor. my phone requirement was full touchscreen, no physical keyboard. the Incredible was the most recent phone to debut on Verizon’s network that met my requirement at the time of my upgrade eligibility. the back is multi-leveled creating visual interest, yet is able to lay relatively flat on a surface. the camera protrudes ever so slightly, but a case easily resolves this.

2) Snappy. “snappy” is a relative term since certain products can be more snappy or less snappy depending what you’re comparing with. well… my previous phone was a two year old Motorola Q9c running Windows 6.5. if any of you know what that is, you will agree that in comparison there is definite snappiness to HTC Incredible.

3) Android. i’m enjoying the UI and its customizable potential. i like that you have the choice to be as shallow or get seriously deep with the OS. that is the kind of depth i was looking for and found in Android. though i may not plunge very deep, it’s nice to know that i have that capability should i choose to do so. the system’s philosophy is one that i can get behind as well as its community.

4) Social Management. since Android is from Google, i love how my Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Maps, etc. integrates with this phone. my lifestyle management as been kicked up notch… or two. plus, using apps to manage my social networking activities has never been easier.

remember, these are some highlights of why i like it. i encourage you to test the combination of many available brands and mobile operating systems. it is easy to be persuaded by a community of users or by marketing appeal and/or popularity. keep an open mind and find out for yourself which experience best fits you. in 2010, i’ve found that the HTC Incredible best fits me.

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