Games People Play

For some time now, I have been playing this augmented reality game called Ingress. I have met some interesting people along the way, most of which are pleasant to be around. When it comes to the players of the opposing team, it’s a little harder to provide an unbiased assessment. After all, they are the opposing team. There is already a certain level of heightened awareness and stress, so having a direct confrontation can be apprehensive (to say the least).

There are players who play this game with all seriousness of a military exercise as well as players who treat this as… well… a game. Games are meant to be fun. When games are played with other people, the game participants should also be having fun. Life itself is stressful as it is. It doesn’t make any sense to me why I should invest the little extra time I do have to engage in something that isn’t fun times for me. But… maybe that works for some people.

However free time is managed, try to find some overall balance in your life and with the people in your life. And it doesn’t hurt to play a game or two along the way.

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