About Me

asian media

movies, music, and anime. be it chinese, japanese, korean, thai, or indian, i’ve found the asian entertainment to be quite fascinating even though i don’t understand a word they say (other than chinese which i understand some). i have been picking up phrases here and there through the english subtitles so i guess there’s a fun learning component to it. however, i believe the staleness and lameness of the current US movies has given the asian offerings a refreshing appeal (though they do have their shortcomings as well).


30 Minute Meals with Rachael Ray“, “Good Eats“, and “Everyday Italian” has placed me on the culinary path. when i see a recipe that i’m inspired by, i usually cook it over and over perfecting it with my own spin.


having travelled and lived on both sides of the pacific ocean, i am flexible and adapt easily to locations. i am more lead by opportunity than the area itself. ideally, i prefer places that have less pollution and offers a higher and more healthier way of life.

home improvement

it all started with the show “Trading Spaces” which led to “Clean Sweep” and “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition“. so i take the opportunity, when i can, to exercise my design skills in the interiors. i will also be redesigning my family’s backyard by summer.


from technology to perspectives, i appreciate and welcome the opportunity to experience and perhaps be involved in learning new ways of doing things.

pc-related stuff

PC building. PC tweaking. PC gaming (fps). i used to fully upgrade my machine every year, but keeping that lifestyle was starting to become economically impractical for me.

the “S” factor

since jamesho.com was already taken, it was an easy decision to use sjamesho since that’s how i sign my name already. the “s” stands for “Shuh-Ren” which is my Chinese first name. for the sake of non-Chinese speaking friends and acquaintances, i just go by “James”.

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