I’m Here and There, But Mostly Present

wow! has it been this long since i’ve last posted an update? well, shame on me. obviously, the Malaysia picture gallery is up so if you haven’t checked it out already you can do that if you want.

anyhow, its been a long, long, loooong several weeks for me. i’ve FINALLY completed the Amazing Facts DVD project which has been looming over my head for quite sometime. while i am writing this, i have been up for about 36 hours! so to treat myself for the completed project, i was going to buy a new DVD player since my five year old beast is starting to show signs of age, but opted to wait for a sale and tried the Mint Mocha Chip frapp from Starbuck’s instead. it was waaay too sweet for me but still enjoyable.

my next project is another DVD production! but instead of churning out 27 85min individual DVDs, i’ll be doing one 35-40min DVD. the fun will be distilling 19.5hrs of video i shot while i was in Malaysia. i’m looking forward to this.

the other things that keep me busy are driving up and down the bay area providing network support to small businesses and doing car research. alas, i will be putting my 1998 Honda Accord Coupe LXi to rest soon. the cost of servicing my car far outways the value of it. (tear drop) i will surely miss it… for about the time it takes me to drive my new one off the lot. HAHAHA!

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