Block Heads

we arrived in Peru safely and after breakfast and morning orientation we hit the building site. there was a lot of cinder blocks that had to be moved to begin with so i got a serious arm-shoulder-lower back workout. in the afternoon, we started laying grout and block for the walls. there were quite a few people on this part of the project and i’d thought that i’d try it out, but soon learned that i wasn’t very efficient in that and shifted back to moving cinder blocks which i found in the group of block movers i can do pretty well. the day ended with that “good” sore feeling after a workout. however i anticipate that to be “good” sore feeling will be a very unpleasant sore feeling tomorrow. i also anticipate that i will sleep very well tonight. maybe tomorrow i’ll volunteer for the medical and dental clinic outreach to give my underused achy muscles a break.

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