Pull My Fingerpuppet

today, the group was split into two. one group went into Lima for a little sightseeing and a lot of shopping. the other group stayed behind to work on the site. tomorrow, the groups will switch places. i went with the group to Lima today. the first place we were at appeared to be where the goverment buildings are… like a town square of sorts. we only had about an hour at this place so we started walking around and found out that there was this church with catacombs below it. when we got there we only had about a half hour left and my uncle needed to get to a bank. some stayed for the catacomb tour while my uncle and his family and my dad and i took off to the bank. when we got to the bank and took a number, we soon found out that the wait time was ridiculously long so we left the bank and headed back to the “square” where we begin. we had a few minutes to spare and quickly took some photos of ourselves and regrouped where we were supposed to meet.

the second and last place where we went was a shopping venue. early on, my dad kept bugging me about buying my mom an alpaca sweater which i immediately tried to dissuade him. knowing my mom, its not something that she’s into… at least for a gift. so i ventured to find some kind of painting/artwork to hang on the wall which i definitely know she’ll like. then every five minutes or so, my dad would call me on the walkie-talkie to come over to check something out which turned out to be another sweater and again i had to dissuade him from this idea. this went on for about 40 minutes which by then i think he finally got off this train of thought. the last time he called me over was for a jacket and sweater not for my mom but for himself which i was relieved. i eventually found these pictures made up of 21 different kinds of wood which i thought was quite interesting and that my mom would like. so i picked three small ones which made sort of a tryptic set. after a quick lunch, we headed for more shopping and the remainder of the time was consumed in hunting for fingerpuppets. ahhh… fingerpuppets. FINGERPUPPETS! there’s just something about the word that amuses the heck out of me. my cousin and friend ended up getting a bunch of them.

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