On Your Marks… Get Set… Vacation!

today we worshipped with our fellow believers at the Lawai Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church and i personally got to meet some pretty neat people. the first gentleman i met went by the name of “Wink”. he told me his real name but said that few people actually knows it so i’m not going to broadcast it here. i found him very fascinating and talked with him until we realized that the potluck line had already started. i got in line and he made himself comfortable next to my three aunts and chatted away. meanwhile, i met Lisa who was our song service leader. i found out that she went to PUC like myself but attended two years after i graduated. it was neat to learn that she knows my friend Virgil Bello. after getting my food i looked for where she was sitting but there was no room except on the other side of the bench seat. i then got to know another PUC attendee who happens to be visiting Lisa from Hanford, CA. the place that she works helps about 20% of the clients at the Porterville Developmental Center where my dad works.

after church we went back to our timeshare and chilled. i found 3ABN and later LLBN and hooked my laptop to the living room TV for everybody to watch. i had a quick nap before going for a walk on the beach where i took some more pictures to add to my texture series. i also found a small dead fish that half its body was somewhat transparent. not only did i take its picture, i brought it back. i think i’ll bring it home because i find it pretty neat.

by the time i got back from my beach walk, my other aunt, uncle, and cousin had arrived and we shortly left for dinner which was 40 minutes away. but before we could leave, my aunt Carol had the hardest time unlocking her car. well, of course she had trouble because she was standing next to a car that wasn’t hers! haha! big laughs all around. the reason we didn’t eat at a restaurant close by was that the restaurants at Lihue were either booked or on the expensive side so we headed to Kapa’a for a Chinese restaurant. but as soon as we got there, we realized that the Chinese restaurant that was so familiar was no longer there. a local told us that ever since the soon-to-be-opened Panda Express moved into a business space a few doors down, the Chinese restaurant started remodeling, changed its name and culinary cuisine. i guess two Chinese-type restaurants next to each other would be silly on this island. however, Panda Express is not Chinese food! so the alternative to Chinese was Vietnamese cuisine at a place called “Saigon Restaurant” in the same plaza. after dinner, aunt Carol treated some of us to TCBY’s next door and then we headed across the plaza to Safeway for some groceries. after loading all the food supplies into the car, we made a visit to the ABC Store before heading back to our villa where my dad proceeded to miss two turnoffs in his absentmindedness.

the rest of this week should be interesting.

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