Rain Kayaking: Less Crowded, Less Popular

for the last couple of days the rain mocked our attempts to enjoy activities outdoors. today we mocked the rain right back by going out for some kayaking-action even though for about 66% of the time it would rain on us during the whole trip. packing sushi for lunch on-the-go, we eventually got to the Shell gas station where we met our guide who then took us to a launching dock off the Wailua River. my dad and i were in one kayak and uncle Charles and Carissa were in the other. this was only my second time kayaking however my dad and i were quick studies. uncle Charles and Carissa didn’t fair as well so about 75% to our destination my dad and Carissa switched places at a small docking area. the last 25% of the way took us to a off-shoot, narrower branch of the river which was more rapid thus having us put more shoulder force and paddle strokes in. we beached the kayaks on a small pebbled cove and was greated by many mosquitoes. we walked about 200 feet and noticed that one of the two crossings that we need to take to the waterfall awaiting us was high and its current fast. there was a line that spanned the crossing, so the guide, my dad, and i got waist high and crossed over. it was only about 50 feet or so till the next crossing which the guide determined that the risk factor was too great for us to continue. so the three of us headed back to get uncle Charles and Carissa on the way to the beached kayaks. heading back to the dock seemed more leisurely than coming. by the time we neared the dock the rain finally stopped. it was quite a fun experience. maybe next time we’ll have more accommodating weather so that we could reach the waterfall destination.

NOTE: because of the frequency of rain today there are no pictures to document this experience. i apologize.

we had dinner at our villa and after watching Scrubs and Teachers, Carissa’s family turned in because they have to catch an early flight to Maui tomorrow. i surfed the TV for a little bit more and then headed out to the spa with my dad only to find out that they shut off the heat at 10:00p. oops! if i’m going to get any spa-action it will have to be tomorrow night since it will be our last.

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