I Do Do Stuff… I Promise!

i’ve been back from NY for six days now and my entries has significantly become less frequent and less robust. the obvious reason being that my week, like most people in the workforce, doesn’t always consist of an ever-changing routine… unless of course your profession allows for an ever-changing routine. for the most part though, its pretty much the same day-in and day-out. with this in mind, this makes for a rather uninteresting read or storytelling. sometimes i find it difficult to catch up with friends, even on a weekly basis, because unless they find that a schedule of “wake up, commute to work, work, commute home, sleep, repeat” is exciting there really isn’t that much to catch up on. it might appear that this schedule of mine is mundane. it can be, but i never see it that way. because without a workforce schedule and the seemingly boring routine, vacations may not be as sweet… and i do like my vacations! so please be patient with me if i don’t seem that revealing if you ask me “how was your week?” for the most part it was like every other week. but don’t let that stop you from asking. every now and then something will be different and i’ll probably can’t wait to tell someone and i hope you’re able catch me that week!

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