3 Freaking Pixels

there’s nothing like something small that grows into massive, pulsating monstrosity that demonically cackles at you slamming insanity from your forehead to the back of your skull. you want it to stop but until you deconstruct what the small thing is to begin with, this incessant mockery of your deciphering skills will continue to plague your every thought and after-thoughts. of what vulgarities do i speak of? it is code. stylesheets to be exact.

i found this small “glitch” by accident. in fact i was assisting my cousin Shelley via IM to adjust her monitor to at least 1024×768 whereby she can view the larger layout i had recently implemented on this site. as i was doing so, i happened to be using a computer with that resolution setting and Internet Explorer since my favorite browser Firefox wasn’t installed. then i saw the dreaded flaw. apparently Internet Explorer processes stylesheets differently than Firefox or Safari for that matter. and its poo. yes, its poo. i’m not going to tell you what or where it is. but i can tell you is that the discrepancy is three measely pixels. THREE FREAKIN’ PIXELS! i will be the first to admit that i’m not web developer in the true sense of the title. i’m more of a web “manipulator” because i visually design the interface first and then massage the code to make it do just that.

for the past four hours in troubleshooting this absurdity, i’ve assessed what the problem is and have found some clean code as basis to refresh my existing stylesheet so that Internet Explorer can get a clue. you know if i wasn’t so particular about how my website is presented, i wouldn’t give two poos as to how IE renders stylesheets… because IE sucks and IE is lame and IE is all snooty because it thinks it doesn’t have to comply with W3C standards. what a punk!

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