I’d Rather Be Sick Than Frustrated

but more importantly, i’d rather not be sick at all. i don’t know what my body is trying to tell me exactly but i pretty sure it saying, “GET SOME FREAKING REST AND TAKE CARE OF ME!” for the past week, i haven’t been feeling all that great–the kind of feeling you know that there is something not quite right, like something is just off. i really don’t consider what i’m experiencing “sick” but more like a “prelude to sick” and this is why i’m frustrated. i don’t know about you but generally i experience these symptoms when i get sick in this order: 1) funny throat, 2) sore throat, 3) mild headache and congestion, 4) general malaise with taste buds not working, then 5) chills. i typically experience these symptoms within 36hrs and with rest by day three i’m all better. since last week, i’m stuck at number 1. now i don’t know if what i have will bring me to number 5 but just staying at number 1 is driving me nuts. i probably should be thankful that i haven’t progressed through the stages any further, but if i am to be sick i’d like it to start already so i can get it over with. but for now i think i’d better just listen to what my body is screaming at me by getting proper rest which is something that i rarely do.

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