I Cook, Therefore She’s Happy

the mother’s day celebration is not just one day. although we should celebrate our mothers everyday, i’m keeping this within the context of the observed day for mothers and yet it still isn’t just one day. in fact it was a weekend for me starting friday evening as i prepped for the requested Sabbath lunch. our church typically takes the second Sabbath off from potluck to encourage our members to invite guests and each other for a home-cooked and more personal meal. so i was in charge of the culinary delights since mother’s day fell on the second weekend which coincides with the second Sabbath. i prepped for about 1.5hrs which left about 20min of warming and assembly for lunch the next day. the rush i felt was that i hadn’t cooked the things i planned on cooking before and yet i observed that i’m faster than i was when i started my cooking hobby. the courses were: Crostini with Sun-dried Tomatoes and Chickpeas, Chili Garlic and Brocolli, and Spaghettini with Spicy Tomato Sauce. click here to view the pictures!

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