Auto Focus

Part One.
last sunday the Pathfinders from my church did a car wash to raise money for a church in Peru. i was there to help out… but as it turns out, i like taking pictures of them instead. although i didn’t get into the washing of cars, i sort of helped out at the refreshment table and waiting area. i had brought my laptop with me and set it up to run the presentation of the church we’re helping in Peru so that people can see where the money is being donated. here they are using the first few cars as a practice run.

we put some of the kids out on the street… oh wait, that doesn’t sound right… but you know i mean. haha!

shortly, a truck pulled in. i don’t remember a sign with the words “truck wash” but the kids had fun.

this was the first time this particular group of Pathfinders did a car wash and i think that they had a good time even though they all worked hard.

Part Two.
tonight, a group of my friends went out for a dinner at Tomatina and met up with more friends to see Pixar’s latest Cars. i like all of Pixar’s animated features… each differently… so my expectations were neither high or low. i just expected to enjoy this movie for what it is and i did. all those cars makes me want to drive or play Burnout on my Xbox which i have yet to put into the game console. at least its out of the shrink wrap!

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