I See You… Or Rather You Can See Me

i love tech gadgets. if i have a potential of using up and coming technology, my eye will fixate on it until i either acquire it or another takes its place. i recently replaced my webcam which i may have used a handful of times. it actually still works on its own. but with the newer releases of current chat clients like Yahoo! Messenger and Trillian, the software no longer supports my aged webcam. so if you remember my post last month about how Some Technologies Die By Starvation, i guess some technologies die by no longer being supported by software. man, the whole computer industry is sneaky!

so here is my new Logitech QuickCam© Pro 5000 sitting on my monitor. there’s some pretty neat effects that the software does like the ability to replace your head with an avatar that mimics your facial expression or add crazy accents like mustaches and hats to your head while you video conference. but the thing i like most about the webcam is its face tracking ability. so if i move away it’ll find my face and zoom in or if i come a little close it’ll zoom out. it also compensates if i’m a little left or right of the frame and adjust accordingly.

if you want to vidchat sometime… or if you just want to see me while we IM, just give me a ping. because i can do it now. well… that is until the software no longer supports the hardware. grrr…

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