Miles to Go Before I Sleep

since my visits to Ashland, i’ve always had one meal at Munchies. so that’s where i grabbed my dinner. and no, this restaurant has nothing to do with the aftereffects of the cannabis variety. after eating i stopped by Starbucks for a caffeine aid to be used later on. obviously it won’t be open by the time the play finishes so i put the venti-sized cup in my car before heading to the theater.

remember how cloudy and rainy it was on sunday? well, not yesterday. although it was still pretty warm at 7:39p, at least it wasn’t as humid.

between the two gentlemen of Verona, i truly believe that it was the dog that stole the show. since photography (flash or otherwise) is not permitted i’m unable to show you the cool canine. you’ll just have to see this play and hope that the dog that is cast for that production is as awesome as this one.

11:00p. as soon as the play let out, i immediately made a beeline to my car to begin my exodus. i love night driving. its so much cooler… temperature-wise. however the biggest difference between day and night driving is that all the beautiful scenery is gone. the stealthiness of the scenery is compounded by the fact that there is no light pollution save for the road reflectors and occasional signs. but i think that the effect is cool.

4:30a. i rolled into my garage this morning and freaked myself out because i couldn’t find my housekeys. serves me right for putting it in a different compartment of my bag the night before. you’d think that i’d be so tired that i’d just quickly shower off the travel grime and sleep. i was tired, but it still took me awhile to wind down. after finding unconsciousness at 6:15a, i was awake by 8:00a to leave the house by 8:30a to go to work. its going to be a zombie-like day which will most likely end with deep deep sleep.

i’m going to work on the photo gallery of this trip and hopefully you’ll be able to see all my pictures by the end of this week… or sooner.

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