Full Service and 40+

one thing i didn’t mention on my Oregon trip was that there is no “self-service” when it comes to filling your gas. i was told by an attendant that its illegal to pump your own gas. Christina told me that it is Oregon’s way to increase and secure jobs. well, i guess full-service is nice. however, what i absolutely don’t like about it, is that the attendants that filled my tank didn’t round up to the nearest dollar. i supposed that i could have asked them to do that (at least to the nearest 50 cents) but it should go without saying. its an irk that i’ll have to let go for this particular billing period. grrr.

that irk was easily overseen as i was doing paperwork on sunday. in collecting all my receipts of the trip and entering their amounts in my computer, i did some simple math to find out what my mileage was during my road trip. my car is not a hybrid, so i’m not expecting those kinds of numbers. but i’m kind of hoping that i’ll at least get near the rated 38 mpg for my car. well, it exceeded my expectations with 39.7 mpg and 41.1 mpg. if i’m making you jealous, then its working. bwhahahaha!

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