Unload and Rotate

okay, i’ve become rather lazy and i know i haven’t blogged in a while. i actually wanted to a couple of days ago when i had something fresh to write about, but you’ll have to settle for something slightly less fresh. so if you don’t mind i’m going to take you back to last sunday… take this as your free trip in a time machine.

about 30 church members showed up to help our new pastor unload his family’s belongings from the moving truck. although you can’t see him in this picture, Luis Perez is in the drivers seat backing out the pastor’s car from the semi. the rest of the people are giving the rear-end a little lift (hehe… i’m sure some of us would like that!) so that it won’t scrape on the road as it comes off the ramp.

how many guys does it take to move a glass table-top? i think that’s what’s wrapped in the blue blanket. its that or a mirror. but i have a pretty good idea that its glass.

the inital estimation to unload was about four hours but since there was plenty of people that showed up we shaved about an hour off. that meant that we were able to eat the yummy lunch that was arranged. many thanks for those that planned the feast. i wish i could have eaten more but with all the moving, i think was more thirsty than hungry.

after lunch i went back home and rotated my tires. woohoo! blog-worthy material right? well… not really. i could go into more detail about tire-rotation methods but i don’t want to bore you. i’ll just mention that i sliced my right index and middle finger on one of my rims. go figure.

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