Making Melodies In My Heart

last night i surprised myself by sleeping at 8:30p. yeah… for those of you who know me, that is a very atypical behavior. however, in the place that i’m at the community turns in early. so i guess i followed the “when in Rome” idiom.

i awoke this morning at 7:00a, if i remember correctly. so that’s about 10.5 hours of sleep. i don’t remember ever sleeping that much unless i was sick.

we went had Sabbath School with the kids at 9:15a and i once again led out in song service. this time i had four girls help me out leading since they know their favorite songs. it was easier that way. as it turns out, they know quite a bit of songs that i already know. i’m sure by the weeks end i’ll be able to learn their reportaire but for now they’re very happy to sing anything. after song service, i was the “special feature” so i ended up telling them my testimony… the one when God allowed me to get bad grades in college because i had presumed a direction that He wanted me to go. for church, Barry had prayer, Daniel called for offering, Lea read the scripture, and my dad gave the sermon.

after a delicious lunch, most of us (maybe all of us) took a nap and at 3:30p all of us except my dad went on a walk to a nearby reservoir that was about 40 minutes away for vespers with the kids. we learned that God woke my dad up at 2:00a so that he can work on the sermon. so my dad continued his nap.

once at the reservoir, Lea, Garalynn, Holly, and i lead out in song service. since we were outdoors we did songs with a lot of action. it was there that i learned that “stand freely” is equivalent of “spread out” since that’s what we were trying to get the kids to do before we started the action songs.

after singing, Benita told the story about Zaccheus. and after the story, she had everybody participate in recreating that event dramatically. the kids of course had a wonderful time.

later that evening after everybody had dinner, we joined the kids in the boys dorm for some fun and games. the headmaster put us in charge of the games which we lead out in Simon Says, On the Bank-In the Pond, Fire Around the Mountain, Duck Duck Goose, Shark/Minnow, Charades, Freeze Tag.
Charades didn’t go as well as we had hoped. the girls acted out “dog” for the boys to guess but as soon as the girls started the boys did it right back at them and advance toward the girls so the girls quickly ran away.

the day was very full and now i’m going to get some sleep and its just now 10:30p. hmm… if i can get to sleep before midnight every night when i get back to the US, i’d be very very happy.

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