Angels In the Dark

today we second-coated four rooftops in the morning. tomorrow, we are going to help the kids put on a walk-through of seven scenes of the Christmas story for the other kids returning from break. so this afternoon the ladies went into town to look for some costuming items for the kids. meanwhile the men stayed behind and finished one rooftop and two trims.

Daniel and Barry went to the first two duplexes that we did. i went to the next duplex that needed the second coat on the rooftop and my dad, thinking that i had followed Daniel and Barry went in the direction of the two duplexes. i didn’t know whether my dad or the others for that matter would come and help since three people trimming and one person painting on the rooftop seemed a little off-balanced to me. about 10-15 minutes later my dad finally showed up and along with some boys from the orphanage we were able to finish the roof by the end of the afternoon… just in time for playtime.

actually, i was sort of hoping that our playtime participation was let off the hook since we ended so late. but i guess the children wouldn’t have it any other way. i was also hoping that the girls would be back from their town excursion to help out during playtime but they weren’t. i was a little nervous at first but was assured that i don’t have to have some grand plan… i just have to be there. it also was a relief that they loved playing the same games over and over again. so we did just that. duck duck goose, on the bank in the pond, fire on the mountain, and the a quick game of dog and bone.

we taught them “Angels We Have Heard On High” during worship’s song service. this song will be sung for the Christmas story walk-through and later when we group them according to the various scenes, we had the “angels” rehearse the song. they picked it up quick! they even continued singing through a black-out (a normal occurrence here so it obviously didn’t phase them) and sounded very lovely.

i’m not sure how all this will go down, but i do know that God has it all under control so it will definitely be a blessing to everyone.

10:30p. sleepy time.

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